강동석 인사말 사진

This year we are embarking on the 13th edition of SSF!

The number 13 has different significations around the world. But for me, it is a lucky number and I look forward to having a great festival again.

The main theme for this year is « Carte Blanche ». I asked some of the artists to propose what they wish to hear and play in the program. It was a challenge and a pleasure for me to accommodate their wishes and requests.

Parallelly, we will be able to discover the complete  piano trios by Beethoven.

Not only we will have a rare opportunity to hear the whole cycle, but we are also celebrating the 40th anniversary of Kalichstein-Laredo-Robinson Trio who will be performing the cycle.

So I am thriller to be involved with the dual celebration.

It has been a tradition for SSF to present young generation of exceptional talents. This year, more than ever, we are privileged to have the participation of young and even very young artists, including the Yewon Orchestra.

The importance of women’s role in our society, especially in music, is so evident these days.

But, one couldn’t take it for granted in the 19th century. I am proud to present a concert consisting of works written exclusively by women composers which will be performed exclusively by ladies. Please join us for this unique concert « Carte Blanche to Ladies » to commemorate those women pioneer composers of the 19th century.

In addition to all these exciting concerts, we also have the traditional Family Concert as well as the special matinee concert followed by a brunch at the residence of late President Yun Bo-Seon.

I would love to share all these wonderful events with you. So, Rendez-vous at SSF in this revigorating season which is Spring!