What is Nanumi?

Nanumi is the name of volunteers for the SSF. If you are a music lover and a big fan of chamber music, you are the one who can be a Nanumi. Also if you would like to meet artist closer, have interested in music business, see what happens at the backstage or attend rehearsals, you are welcome to join the 2016 SSF Nanumi.


SSF Nanumi

There is no restriction to be a SSF Nanumi, even your age or nationality could not be a barrier. They do volunteer works for every part as an assistant. If you want to work in the music business in the future, SSF Nanumi would be a perfect experience. Also you could be allocated for casual works such as receptionist at the venues, program book seller, road manager for artists and so on.


Music Students Nanumi

MS Nanumi is for music students of college or university. They do volunteer works especially stage related works, such as page turner, supervisor of a rehearsal, time keeping manager for artists and so on. Also MS Nanumi would be a good chance to assist world class musicians.


CLP (Classic Loving Parents) Nanumi

CLP Nanumi is for parents of music students. They do volunteer works especially concentrated on artist caring and communication.